Mindful Moments in the Classroom: Creating a Space for Coping Skills and Self-Awareness

Sometimes, there are just too many things for me to manage in a day!  Seriously.  I want to do it all!  But, more often than not, the day flies by and I find myself reflecting back thinking things like, "I should have given my students more (insert: breaks, transition time, movement, mindful moments, sensory activities, coping skills, etc.).  Ugh... I want to do better!

Well, today, I thought of ONE thing I could change.  One thing I could take off my plate.  One little gift I could give my students...  

Instead of 'leading' our mindfulness activities in class, I found a way to facilitate them!  

Now my students will be more self-directed, have more freedom of choice, and will be able to practice coping-skills and self-regulation!

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Here's what I did:  I created a Mindful Moments Nook, and you can do it, too!  Here are some very simple-to-follow steps, to create your own safe and welcoming space for your students to gain awareness and to become more available for learning.

Wondering how you can create a dreamy little mindful spot in your classroom?  Look no further!  Here are some tips:

{This post may contain affiliate links to materials I recommend.}

  1. Designate a small sitting area--for 1-4 students only at a time.  Really, it can be small!
  2. Decide on your color scheme--what 'vibe' do you want to give off?  I love warm colors, so I have reds, oranges, and some teals in my throw rug and pillows.
  3. Supply some small, comfortable seats (my favorites are buckwheat meditations cushions, floor pillows, stadium chairs).
  4.  Have PRE-TAUGHT activities available for students to freely access (We have Mindfulness activity cards and we LOVE the Calming Strategies for Regulation by SLP Runner! *We practice each one, first, before adding it to our Mindfulness Board.  
  5. Hang up some positive affirmations and peaceful quotes.  Kids LOVE thinking deeply about their feelings! 
  6. Have some sensory activities available, nearby.  I keep mine in the bins under our white bench.
  7. Add some 'zen' touches: salt lamp and Zenergy chime.

Check out my Mindfulness Posters Here... I sprinkle these throughout our room, for reminders about breathing and positive thinking.  I have also turned them into small student affirmation cards, which you can find here!

After I put all of our mindfulness activities in one spot, I couldn't wait to roll it out to my students.  BTW... if you're wondering WHY you should TEACH MINDFULNESS, check out my post about it! 

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I wish you joy and luck on your Mindfulness Journey! 
Thank you for reading along.
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