Constructed Response--Writing about Reading (Freebie)

If you are looking for a simple and straightforward way to teach essay-writing, then Constructed Responses are it!

It is important for students to understand what it means to "construct" an essay or response.  You will want to spend some time talking about the art of building your ideas, while using evidence directly from the text. 


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To begin this form of writing, you should model the whole process (reading a text, highlighting or underlining evidence to support a topic, planning, and then writing a response.)

I typically begin this work in the second trimester (for my third and fourth graders).  Each week, I have them read a short article, consider the prompting question, plan their ideas using evidence from the text, and draft an one-paragraph response.  

Check out my Constructed Response Package Here

Includes: student handout, mini-posters for interactive notebooks, planning sheets, self-scoring, and scoring rubric!

It is helpful to confer each week or every other week, using the self-scoring sheets and student work.  You can use the scoring rubric (below) to gauge your students' proficiency! 

This works well with a large variety of texts and topics: science articles, history excerpts, responses to literature, and even persuasive articles!

Updated April, 2019
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