Summary Posters & Graphic Organizers: FREE Printables!

Summarizing teaches students how to integrate the most important (main ideas) from their reading, in a meaningful way!

*Updated April 2019!
Summary Posters and Graphic Organizers: FREE
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Summarizing strategies can be used across almost every areas of learning.  They help students recall and synthesize important information!  

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These posters provide a clear structure and support for both fiction and nonfiction summarizing, by using the 5Ws (and H).

Graphic organizers are powerful tools to help kids how to plan out their writing.  This tool can be extremely helpful for all learners, including students with executive functioning challenges, dysgraphia, and working memory struggles.

My third and fourth grade students typically show a strength in summarizing fiction.  Nonfiction can be a bit trickier!  

Here are TWO Nonfiction Summary Posters, to help students with this skill!

  Main Idea Graphic Organizer FREE 


Another fun way to practice summarizing is to have students make a Summary Poem.  

Students must choose and list 7-10 of the MOST important words from their reading (whole short text, a chapter, a paragraph, etc.)

Then they WEAVE those words into 2-3 sentences, trying to stay specific without retelling.    

This is a fun challenge and can really help students isolate what elements are truly important! 😊

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What is your biggest challenge with teaching summarizing?  Please comment below!