15 Must-Have Supplies New Teachers Need to Start a Classroom for Grades 3, 4, & 5

If you are a new teacher or are changing grade levels, you may be wondering what items you NEED to purchase, to start off the year.  

15 Must-Have Supplies New Teachers Need to Start a Classroom grades 3, 4, 5

Here is a list of fifteen necessities, to teach in an elementary classroom with a focus on third, fourth, or fifth grade students.

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Top 15 Supplies for Elementary Classrooms
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1. Timers
Use timers for your own time-management, for teaching students how to manage their own time, for student behavior support, or overall classroom management.
  • Digital Timer Get one with a digital face and a magnetic back, so students will have visual access.
  • Sand Timers They come in a variety of lengths of time (from 30 seconds to 10 minutes) and are silent, for visual signals.

2. Storage Trays and Bins

Lot's of options here... You can spend a fortune, so be careful. Look for practical and sturdy options and read reviews!
👉 Tip: Too much color can be overwhelming to learners. Think about a color theme for your classroom.
👉 Tip: If you get hand-me-down bins or colors you don't like, spray paint them!

3. Paper

Make sure you are stocked up on specialty paper. There are MANY options and it can be quite confusing.
👉 Tip: use copy paper from your resource or staff room!

  • Ruled Paper with Margin  has dotted midline for more developed writers or for cursive.
  • Always include basic wide-ruled and college-ruled paper with margin.  Many 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students are ready for (and excited) to use college-ruled paper!  

4. Pencils and Pencil Sharpener

Have you ever heard of the disappearing pencil? Welcome to teaching!
👉 Tip: Create a pencil system or Community Pencil Jar!
👉 Tip: Don't let students use the electric sharpener for colored pencils or pencils with plastic coating. Use your manual or small student sharpeners for those!

5. Notebooks

🙏 Think this one through, before you purchase. Will you have students maintain writers' notebooks, use a science journal, or keep math notes? Do you do spelling sorts, and if so, where will students glue their sorts?
  • Wide-Ruled, 1-Subject Larger than composition notebooks--great for interactive notebooks. Pro/con: the papers can be torn out easily.
  • Composition Notebooks These are more sturdy and come in different styles.  

6. Large Chart Paper

Making anchor charts is an essential part of teaching.

7. Teacher Markers


8. Easel

Easels are beneficial in many ways!  Move them around, to create new learning spaces. Use them to hold large chart paper.  Magnetic boards allow you to hang a variety of items. 
👉 Tip: Check with administration about available funds for classroom furniture.
  • Basic Magnetic Easel This will do the trick, to get you started.  Check for adjustable legs to vary the height.
  • Magnetic Easel with Storage If you can splurge, go for this type (because you can never have enough storage!)  
  • Dry Erase Markers Stock up on these! EXPO chisel tip wipe off easily, without leaving much residue on your board.

9. Stapler and Staples

You will eventually want 3-4 standard staplers in your classroom.  You may even splurge for an electric stapler!  Watch for sales and read reviews before purchasing (many jam or break easily) and... don't forget to buy a box of staples.  🙌

10. Tape

Guys... my biggest advice on this one is DON'T SKIMP on the type of masking tape you buy.  You'll regret it!  Also, you will need tape more than you can imagine...
👉 Tip: If you send home a Student Supply List, add tape to your "Wish List" items!

11. Glue

  • Glue Sticks (a lot of them) Even if you have students bring in their own supply, they run out quickly.   
  • Elmer's Glue Start with at lease 4-6 bottles.  Remember, teach students how to check these are closed after each use!  🙏

12. Scissors

13. Coloring Tools for Children

No explanation necessary: you will do a lot of projects!
👉 Tip: If you ask students to purchase these for school supplies, create community bins to store them in!

14. Magnets
You will definitely want magnets for your dry erase board and easel.
  • Metal Clip magnets These are strong and can hold up multiple pages or heavy posters.
  • Pin Magnets These are easy to move around and will not cover up the content on your posters or charts.  

15. Colored Paper

You will go through a lot of colored paper; if you can buy it in bulk, you will save money.
👉 Tip: Look for deals during PRIME DAY, Black Friday or Cyber Monday!

Wow!  There are many things to think about, when you're starting in a new classroom!  I hope the above list gives you some ideas of where to start.  
Be sure to share this post with any new teacher friends! 💞

Additional supplies to consider: 

  1. Small Dry Erase boards
  2. Stain-resistant Rug 
  3. Fragrance Free Antibacterial Wipes
  4. Teacher Stamps and Stickers
  5. Household Items (lamps, pillows, plants, etc.)
  6. Clipboards
  7. Sticky Post-It Notes
  8. Paper Clips and Binder Clips
  9. Large Erasers
  10. Crayons  
  11. Rulers
  12. Paint (water color and tempura) and Paint brushes
  13. Craft Supplies
  14. Sensory Tools
  15. Flexible Seating Options

What other items do you think new teachers or new classroom teachers could use?  Comment below--I'd love to hear your ideas!