Ecosystem Interdependence through Food Chains and Food Webs: DISTANCE LEARNING Digital & Printable Versions

This is a collection of lessons and activities following inquiry-based science. Students will learn about how organisms are interdependent in an ecosystem.  They will learn about and explore food chains and food webs.  


Students explore where food comes from, by thinking about their own experiences and then considering food groups.  Through inquiry, discussions and hands-on sorts, students learn about how energy is transferred from the sun, to producers, and to consumers.  

Students learn about the relationship between and roles of predators and prey.  They practice identifying these species. 

Students learn about a variety of food chains: ladybugs, monarch butterflies, bees, grasshoppers, deer, woodpeckers, and dragonflies.  Students then practice constructing food chains, while explaining the roles of each member as energy is transferred through the system.  

Students learn about a variety of food webs in various habitats: pond life, ocean, beach, woodlands, and have an inquiry project with an arctic habitat (digital version only.)  Students are asked to construct and explain the energy transfer in each food web and are asked to consider how organisms are interdependent.    
Vocabulary skill-work, worksheet practice, and assessments are included in both the printable and digital versions!

Samples of Printable Version: