DIY Plastic Drawer Organizer UPGRADE: Classroom Decor on a BUDGET!

Old, tired classroom supplies got you down?  On a tight budget?  Well, this tip is for you!  

I'm excited to show you how I turned my ugly classroom bins and drawers into handsome, functional pieces.  It was SUPER easy and fun!

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Last summer, I decided to update my classroom decor into a Colorful Farmhouse theme.  It started off great--I was highly inspired and had a blast shopping for decorations and supplies at Michael's, the Christmas Tree Shop, and JoAnn's Fabrics (to name a few.)  

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Then, the receipts started to pile up. 😢 I realized I needed to slow down and figure out how to best use the resources I already had.  
Shopping Spree! 😍
I hit a small moment of sadness, when I realized all of my bins and plastic organizers were primary colors... and worse, I had these clear drawer organizers that looked dirty and had tons of leftover sticky spots from years of labels.  But I needed them! (These Sterilite Organizers really do rock, btw)
Sterilite Mini 3-Drawer Organizers
Throwing them away or rehoming them, just wasn't an option budget-wise.  So, I got to work.  Here's what I did:

{This post may contain affiliate links to materials I recommend.}

Step 1: Purchase the plastic spray paint, in the color of your choice. There are many options out there! I went with black!

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Step 2: Remove any labels or adhesives.  Warm, soapy water helps with this!

Step 3:  Have your kids... er, I mean... YOU should wash each piece to remove any dirt or sticky substances.  And, if your children are willing to help, it makes for a fun family activity, too! 😄
Soap, water, & sponge
Small scrubby brush works well.

Spray off all of that soap!

Step 4:  Lay everything out to dry.

Step 5:  Lay the piece on a large tarp or old sheet.  Make sure you are wearing protective gloves.  Then spray away!

Cautionary Tale: The paint can puddle or drip, if you spray too much on it (especially when it's laying flat).  I had some drippage down the front faces of some drawers and realized I had to hold them in the air in front of me, to get the best coverage.  

*If you see this happen, slow down and spray a little at a time, allowing it to dry in parts.

Enjoy your NEW classroom organizers!

I wish you luck on your decorating journey! 
Thank you for reading along.

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What is one classroom area that you wish you could revamp?  
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