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Ecosystem Interdependence through Food Chains and Food Webs: DISTANCE LEARNING Digital & Printable Versions

This is a collection of lessons and activities following inquiry-based science. Students will learn about how organisms are interdependent in an ecosystem.  They will learn about and explore food chains and food webs.  


Students explore where food comes from, by thinking about their own experiences and then considering food groups.  Through inquiry, discussions and hands-on sorts, students learn about how energy is transferred from the sun, to producers, and to consumers.  

Students learn about the relationship between and roles of predators and prey.  They practice identifying these species. 

Ecosystem BUNDLE for Distance Learning: Google Classroom and Printable, over 190 pages!

This HUGE Ecosystem bundle is both DIGITAL and PRINTABLE, with over 190 printable pages and over 190 slides.  The digital version is compatible with Google Classroom and perfect for Distance Learning.  

There are three units in this bundle, which include: living vs. nonliving, food chains and food webs, and producers, consumers, and decomposers.  

The Ecosystem Bundle focuses on Next Generation Science Standards NGSS LS2 Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics (System Interactions.)

It includes lessons and inquiry-based science activities, worksheets, vocabulary, assessments, visuals,  various science graphic organizers, and more!