Homophone Activities: Commonly Confused Words!

Homophone activities: printables
I have a secret mission in teaching... 
to make sure my students can spell these commonly confused homophone words:

* To, too, two
* There, their, they're
* Your, you're
* Its, it's

This year, I upped my game! 

We not only learned about each type, read books, and practiced...

Homophone booklets: printrables
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I also incorporated more activities!
We made homophone booklets, and students worked together to create homophone sentences on class posters. We then used their examples, to develop a student-assessment!
Homophone formative assessment Homophone formative assessment Homophone formative assessments

Check out my updated homophone packet, which now has more options!
Package includes: 
  • Printable posters, each with an image, a definition, and an example.  
  • Worksheets with practice sentences, along with answer sheets
  • Assessments: pre- and post- with multiple choice and sentence writing.
  • Mini-posters & headings for interactive notebooks.
Teaching Tip: you can also laminate worksheets, then have students practice writing the answers using Vis a Vis markers, so they can be wiped off and used again!

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