8 Roaringly Awesome LOW-Prep STEM Activities on DINOSAURS, for Kids (Ages 3-6)!

Dinosaur lesson plans for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten

Incorporate STEM and STEAM education lessons and activities into your Dinosaur learning!

These 8 Thematic STEAM Activities and Challenges are well-suited for ages 3-6, but can be adjusted to meet the learning needs of older children, as well!  

Top 10 Books about Mindfulness for Children ages 4-8

Best books for emotional regulation, managing behaviors, and developing body-awareness skills!

With more and more WONDERFUL books about Mindfulness coming out every day.  It can be hard to find the best ones to suite your classroom needs.

Whether you are looking for books about self-regulation, yoga, meditation, or relaxation techniques, we've got you covered with this list of delightfully engaging Mindfulness Books for kids!

5 Low Prep STEM Dinosaur activities to do with Young Children

Looking for fun ways to stomp and roar like a dinosaur--while also providing a valuable learning experience?

As a teacher-mom, I am having a blast putting my instruction-based skills to the test with my young children! We are having so much fun doing inquiry-based learning while layering in solid skills around science, math, technology, engineering and art!

Teaching the Thirteen Colonies: Colonial America Projects FREE worksheets

My Favorite Classroom Posters on 13 Colonies

Are you looking for fun ideas and projects you can use in your classroom to teach the 13 Colonies for kids?  If you teach this evolving time in history, then you know it's a tricky topic for many students.

It can also be challenging to find grade-appropriate or differentiated materials for third or fourth graders to utilize.  Here are some of the fun projects, ideas, resources and lessons we have used around the Thirteen Colonies!