Custom Book Stamp (New FAVORITE gem!) for My Classroom Library

Don't waste your time putting labels on all of your classroom books or literature sets! 

My reading-heart skipped a beat when I saw these awesome customized book stamps!!  😍💞📚  They are:
  • Easy
  • Fast
  • Personalized
  • Fun (in a teacher sort of way!)
{This post may contain affiliate links to materials I recommend. If you purchase something using these links I may receive a small commission.}
I saw a colleague using this AMAZING customized book stamp today, on her new books from the Scholastic books fair:
{This post contains affiliate links to materials I recommend.}

I seriously went online and ordered it during my lunch break!  As soon as I got my newest order of books, I got busy labeling:
Scholastic Book Order: All the Books! 

Personalized Book Stamp is Ready!

What?! Stamping is so EASY!
Check out another version with the Personalized Book Stamp from Mabel's Labels!

Sometimes, it truly is the little things in life!  These are the classroom things that make a teacher's heart happy and truly help with designing a classroom that is functional.

Happy Reading (and stamping!)

Now it's your turn--What is your favorite customized classroom item?