Teachers Pay Teachers: What Is It? Why Should I Get Involved?

5 Million teachers used Teachers Pay Teachers last year.  

Why?  Because, according to TPT, it's the "go-to place for educators to find the resources, knowledge, and inspiration they need to teach at their best."

Here is an overview about what Teachers Pay Teachers is and reasons why you should get involved!

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How TPT Got It's Start

In 2005, Paul Edelman was a public school teacher who had a genius idea.  After offering a colleague $5 for her lesson plans, he started to dream about ways to start his own business where teachers would have the ability to create and sell their own educational resources--to other educators!

It took years for the idea to take off, but by 2013 TPT was a global sensation.  Now in 2020, the numbers tell the rest of the story:

  • 5 Million Teachers used Teachers Pay Teachers last year
  • More than 2 out of 3 teachers in the United States have used a TPT resource
  • There are 3 Million resources available on TPT 
  • Over 1 BILLION resources have been downloaded from Teachers Pay Teachers

(All data is cited from the Teachers Pay Teachers Website and be read about more in-depth here.)

So, What IS TPT?

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace.  It's a website FULL of educational resources.  When you create an account, you can purchase or download for free resources such as:

  • Full Educational Units about Countless Topics
  • Entire YEAR-LONG Curriculums
  • Activities
  • Worksheets
  • Printables
  • Assessments
  • Videos
  • Technology-Based, Digital Curriculums
  • Special Education Resources
  • STEAM, STEM, Project-Based Learning 
  • Social & Emotional Learning

Who Uses Teachers Pay Teachers?

SO many people!  TPT is not just for teachers; however, they were certainly the first intended audience!  Here are some of the range of educators:

  • Teachers Preschool, PreK, K-12
  • Specialists (Instructional, Speech & Language, Early Education, etc.)
  • Administrators
  • Homeschool Teachers
  • Tutors
  • Parents


The TPT marketplace is growing every day with free and paid products!  If you are looking for ways to enhance your own classroom, you will find an enormous amount of ideas and resources here.  Joining is FREE!

Are you thinking about sharing your own expertise and selling your original resources?  Great!  Becoming a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers is extremely easy to do!

You can become a teacher seller for FREE!  You will need to choose a store name (or use your own name) and fill out some basic information.  Then you can start uploading your resources right away!

If you decide to upgrade to the Premium Seller Account, you will receive higher payout rates, access to premium marketing tools and features, and you will be able to upload larger resources.  This costs $59.95 a year.

TPT is Worth It!

5 Million teachers can't all be wrong.  There is definitely something extremely special about this marketplace.  Whether you are looking for small supplementals or are in the market for comprehensive curriculums, there is something on TPT for everyone! 

Thank you for reading along!  
I wish you joy and luck on TPT journey.
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