Highlight, Erase, Edit, Color, Have FUN with ERASABLE Highlighters!

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These are MUST HAVE School Supplies!

If you haven't see the new Crayola Erasable Highlighters, then you NEED to check them out now!  

Let me tell you why you NEED the Crayola Take-Note Highlighters in your classroom!

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Note-Taking Skills

Have you ever taught students how to highlight "important information"?  If you have, then you know it is a LEARNED SKILL.

Children intrinsically want to highlight ALL the information!  Here's where the Crayola Take Note Highlighters come in handy!

You could give an informational text and have students highlight information as a PRE-ASSESSMENT.  Then, after teaching them how to use the highlighters correctly (and practice sessions) you could give them back their original text and have them ERASE the extra marks!

OR, you could use them during writing and reading conferences, guiding students along as they highlight and erase information.

Tips on how to use Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighters


Imagine using each color highlighter to represent a different part of speech...  (You can even buy labeled stickers here. )  When students make a mistake--NO PROBLEM!  They can just ERASE it!

Use these when reading text to isolate parts of speech.  OR, have students use these to identify parts of speech in their OWN writing, to identify if they have written COMPLETE SENTENCES or not!

Really, the list goes on and on!

Must Have Classroom Supplies for Students and Teachers


These are engaging and fun!  You can use these to color artwork and clean up mistakes. 

They are also just fun for doodling!  My students like using these during their Free Choice Time!

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Have fun trying out new supplies!

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