Flexible Seating DIY, Teacher Hacks, and Tips for an Elementary Classroom!

Check out these ideas, to create alternative seating options for your classroom!

P.S. I purchased ALL of these items while on a tight budget. You can, too! Check out this post for other money-saving tips.
This post may contain affiliate links to materials I recommend. If you purchase something using these links I may receive a small commission.
You can buy small throw rugs for as low as $5 on stores like 5 and Below or Amazon
Tips : You can duct tape two throw rugs together to make a larger rug! 
Use Gorilla Tape for this... it's everything!! 😍

Two $5 throw rugs duct-taped together!  
Both of these are 3' X 5' making a 6' X 5' when put together!

Use small, inexpensive throw rugs, to cover a floor space during independent work time.  These were $5 at the Christmas Tree Shop!

2. THINK... Sports and Hobbies
People love variety... and so do kids!  Include seating options that are common in other activities, such as yoga and sporting events.

Check out these sturdy and comfy Stadium Seats and the unassuming but oh-so-comfortable Meditation Cushions (love, love, love these!) 🌈

Tip: These were perfect for students (and me!) when sitting on the floor for partner or small-group work.  We used these a TON during silent reading.

           Check out how to make your own DIY Farmhouse Table!

3. Go LOW 
Check out these, low-to-the-ground amazing STEEL stools, paired with a $10 coffee table (from a yard sale, which I spray painted white. 👍)

They are light, strong, good-looking, and stack on top of each other!  

Plus, the handle hole in the middle, makes them very easy to quickly move around.  
Tip:  I LOVED using these, when I wanted to sit & chat with students who were working on the floor.  
These hold up to 300lbs!  They also stack on top of each other.

4.  DOUBLE-Purpose Items 
This "bench" is actually a Better Homes and Garden's BOOKSHELF.  😮  True story.
We stored puzzles, games, and Lincoln Logs underneath for brain breaks and indoor recess.

Note: It's quite heavy-duty, but we had the rule only 2 kids on it at a time (or 1 adult.)

Adding pillows to your classroom will make it inviting and cozy.  

Pillows can inspire students through quotes, add pops of color, offer sensory input, and create a large space to stretch out on.

Tip: Consider pillows with removable covers, for cleaning.

Be Kind Be Brave: Inspirational Quote
Try a variety of sizes or colors, to see what works best in your classroom.  

Pillows from Ikea.  Stuffed Animals from Home 💖
You do NOT have to spend a fortune to get interesting, useful, and practical items for your classroom.  Think: variety! 

A word of caution, however... kids also LOVE traditional seating. It's okay (even great!) to have some desks and standard student chairs. Visiting adults will thank you for these items, too. 😊

Have fun, getting creative and adding some flair in how you transform your classroom!
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{This post may contain affiliate links to materials I recommend.}

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Sharing is Caring: What other DIY, Teacher Hacks, and Tips do YOU have about Flexible Seating?