Teach CVC Reading & Spelling Practice, Through Thematic Activities! FREE Ocean Printable

Have you noticed how hard it is to find phonics-based CVC thematic units, where the words are actually related to the topic? 

When my son wanted to learn about ocean words, all of the beach word work activities and games online had unconnected words!  (For example: they had words like pin, wig, and fox.)  What?!!

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Now, listen... I'm a teacher.  I get it!  Early readers and spellers need common vowels and patterns.  

Here's the thing, though... I like a good challenge!  So, I started a mission thinking, "If I want to teach reading and spelling of CVC words, using content-related words, maybe other teachers and parents are, too!"
Learning how to write words, through thematic units.  Example, "Sun" while learning about the ocean.

Here's what I did: I made CVC thematic units, with some common vowels and easy spelling patterns... while using specific content-based vocabulary words.  

What does this mean?  It's simple!  The ocean unit uses words like sun, sand, and swim!  (free printable below)
20 Ocean-themed CVC words: shell, fish, fin, dig, sand, sun, crab, net, ball, shark, swim, clam, sit, gull, tent, shirt, shorts, ship, tan, hat.
PLUS...10 Ocean-themed challenge words are included (compound, multisyllabic short vowels, and tricky blends): shrimp, orca, sunblock, lobster, sandbar, starfish, clown fish, conch, humpback, picnic

The farm unit has words like: cat, calf, corn.

20 Farm-themed CVC words: pig, cow, barn, calf, cat, chick, corn, dog, duck, mud, farm, tend, hen, lamb, bull, crop, plant, milk, land, kid.
PLUS...10 Farm-themed challenge words are included (compound, multisyllable short vowels, and tricky blends): farmer, bucket, tractor, pitchfork, animals, piglet, duckling, harvest, flower, wagon.

Coming soon... Back to School Unit!! 

Each package, has practice pages on beginning, middle (medial) or ending sounds.  For example, you can look at common beginning sounds /  letters (sand, sun, swim) or work on middle sounds (fin, dig, sit, ship.)

Practice pages include:
  • Flash Cards (with/without images)
  • Elkonin Boxes Cards (listen for the sounds!)
  • Match the Picture with Words Practice Pages
  • Read the Words Practice Pages
  • Read and Write the Words Practice Pages
  • Missing Letters Practice Pages
  • Beginner Crossword Puzzles (using symbols as clues)
  • Answer Key
  • Bonus: Syllable Slashing for Challenge words 

TIPS for Use: Children can use manipulatives (like sea shells or corn kernels), letter tiles, magnetic letters, or stamps for cards and practice pages. Teachers and home school parents may want to laminate cards/practice pages for repeated practice (dry erase markers never lose their allure for kids!) These are great additions to literacy centers, Daily 5 work, Readers' Workshop stations, or for guided reading word work practice. They can also be used for formative assessment.

As a mom and a teacher, I get very excited when my own children show an interest in learning.  Watching them develop an understanding of letters, sounds, and phonetic skills is thrilling!

Simple Elkonin Boxes using chalk and pebbles, to listen for sounds

And, let's be real... it can be hard to find the time to make learning fun and meaningful, while supporting early literacy development.

I hope these packets help you, when teaching students or your own children how to read and spell words related to specific topics.  

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Have fun teaching phonics and phonemic skills!

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