I'm back!

The past two years have been very exciting and busy around here!  In 2014 I gave birth to my son, Lukas.  This year, I gave birth to my daughter, Ella.  My husband and I have made the adjustment to parenthood and are learning every day from our two wonderful children.

In celebration of getting "back in the game" with my blog and creating products, here is a freebie!

This year, I'm gearing up to do my best first six weeks of school--following Responsive Classroom.  I have made a variety of posters to use in setting routines and guidelines.

Here is a free poster on classroom rules (you may use this for substitutes, special area classes, special education, as review, or as a starter list before you generate more specific rules WITH your students). Click on the image for a free download!

If you're interested in seeing all of my new posters (with multiple versions of each one), check them out here:

Cheers to a new and exciting school year!