Ideas for Teacher Gifts: TEN Time-Saving & Unique Etsy Gifts!

Are you crunched for time and worried you won't find a personalized gift for your special teacher?  Maybe your children are struggling to find that special gift for teachers from students. Or, are you looking for something different & unique for a colleague?

And, hey!...when shopping on Etsy, you are also supporting small business owners (many of whom are teachers!)

Check out these inexpensive & unique gifts for men and women on Etsy!

gives for teachers who are retiring: retirement gifts and retirement ideas

Check out these top TEN unique gift ideas!

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1.  Harry Potter Wizard Wand, The Muggle Collection
Wether you know a big Harry Potter fan, or you know a teacher who will enjoy weaving magic into her lesson plans, this is a cool gift!

There are 21 different styles to choose from, featuring different characters!  This lovely, detailed wand comes in a decorative box, and (according to many reviewers) "feels great in the hand!" Etsy (US)

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2.  Decorative Math Sign
"I'm a Math Teacher... Of Course I have Problems!"
This teacher ornament sign will make your math teacher smile, for sure!  Want to save 15% off the order?  You can pin 3 of this shopkeeper's listings to Pinterest to qualify for savings! (more information under Item Details.)

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3.  Hand-knitted Infinity Scarf
Keep your teacher feeling warm and stylish 😍 with this lovely infinity scarf!  This shopkeeper, RailroadAndHolly, has many options with a variety of colors to choose from! 

Best Gift for Female Teacher, Holiday gift ideas, Retirement gift ideas

Finding a gift for male teachers may feel challenging!  Check out this handsome high-quality, engrave-able, gunmetal pocket watch from an Etsy "Best Seller!"

Best Gift for Male Teacher, Gift for Dad, Gift of Time, Retirement gift ideas

5.  Unique Necklaces
Ohhhhh, the lovely necklaces!  Want to make your gift sentimental?  Think about your teacher's interests and what you know about them:

Communicate "eternal gratitude" with this Circles Necklace
Inexpensive Teacher Gift Idea, Holiday gift idea for teachers, Retirement gift idea

Does your teacher love the outdoors?  Check out this Mountain Necklace 
Best Teacher Gift Ideas

Celebrate your teacher's birthday with this pretty Zodiac Necklace
Unique Teacher Gift Ideas, New Teacher gift, Retirement gift, Holiday gift

6.  Reusable Bags
With more classrooms going "green" teachers understand the importance of reusable bags and wrappings.  Check out these planet-wise gifts:

Reusable Snack Bags
Inexpensive Gifts for Teachers from Students, family product

Gift for Teacher Leaving

7.  Teacher Stamps
Does your teacher use stamps in his classroom?  There are tons of options for classroom systems or pure fun!

Playful Teacher Stamp (tacos!)

Inexpensive Teacher Gift Ideas for Christmas

Classroom Library Stamp
Personalized Teacher Gifts

8.  Coffee & Wine Gifts
Does your teacher love a good cup of Joe or a toasty drink at night?  

Check out this playful gift set:
Before School... After School 
Unique Teacher Gift Ideas

9.  Outlander & Scotland Fans
Is your teacher obsessed with the Diana Gabaldon Outlander book series or the show on Starz?  If so, she will LOVE to travel back in time as a Sassenach with these fun finds:

A. Malcolm Printshop Shirt (Fans would "get" this shirt!)
Best Gift for Female Teacher

Outlander Mug looks like Starbucks!  (Outlander and Coffee love combined!)
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Plaid Infinity Scarf 
Best Gift for Female Teacher

😍Simply GORGEOUS Outlander Cowl 
Personalized Teacher Gifts

10.  Game of Thrones Fans
"Winter is coming" and teachers know it!  These Game of Thrones themed gifts are winners:

GOT 30 Ounce Tumblers
Personalized Teacher Gifts
A Paper Has No Name Stamp
Teacher Gift Ideas

EPIC Game of Thrones Whiskey Gift Set  (Pricey but very cool!)
Personalized Teacher Gifts

Thanks for checking out our "Top Ten" list for teacher gifts!  If you are looking for more ideas, check out this Etsy Gift Guide:
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Comment below with some of your favorite gift ideas!