8 Roaringly Awesome LOW-Prep STEM Activities on DINOSAURS, for Kids (Ages 3-6)!

Dinosaur lesson plans for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten

Incorporate STEM and STEAM education lessons and activities into your Dinosaur learning!

These 8 Thematic STEAM Activities and Challenges are well-suited for ages 3-6, but can be adjusted to meet the learning needs of older children, as well!  
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Each STEM activity page includes the following:

  • STEAM Topic ideas (Ex. "Counting and Sorting" or "Design Illustrations")
  • Material Suggestion
  • Images of Activities in practice
  • Introduction and Guiding Questions
  • Synthesis or Project Conclusion
  • Ideas for Modifications
  • Ideas for Extensions
  • Book Suggestions

Dinosaur STEAM Activities and Materials

A list of suggested materials are included at the front of the packet.  Most of these are common household and craft items, such as glue, sponges, construction paper, etc.

Here are some I recommend:
• Clay or Play-Doh
• Sponges
Felt or Pipe cleaners
Craft pom poms (different sizes) or cotton balls

Package Contents

The 8 thematic STEAM / STEM activities & challenges cover the following SCIENCE topics:

  1. Needs & How living things grow (Living vs. Nonliving)
  2. Animals Meet Their Needs (Shelter)
  3. Function of Body (Feathers)
  4. How Living Things Grow (Dinosaur eggs)
  5. Function of Body (Body shapes)
  6. Living Things: Biology (Dinosaur movement)
  7. How Living Things Grow: Compare and Contrast (Dinosaur tracks)
  8. States of Matter (Melting ice)

Printables Labels for Sorting

These can be used to help identify a variety of ways to sort items.  
They can also be used as references for labeling representations.    
There are 4 labels sheets, which include words like: larger, fewer, longest, next to, between, etc.

Worksheets & Printables:

  • Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer
  • STEAM Planning & Reflection Sheet
  • Planning Images
  • Symbols Sheet (for Living and Nonliving Species)--Can be Used as an Assessment
  • List of What Living Things Need

Background Information Sheets (for teachers or students!)

These can be used as mini posters, to highlight important information, to glue into interactive science journals, and more!

Dinosaur lesson plans for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten

Thank you for reading along!  
I wish you joy and luck on your dinosaur discoveries.
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