Hopes and Dreams

It's that time of the year!  Time to learn new routines in the classroom.  Time to practice rules.. and practice... and practice.  It's also time to really take time to STOP and LISTEN to your students.
Who are they?  
What are they looking forward to?  
What are they worried about? 
What do they need, in order for these dreams to come true?

I just love doing Hopes and Dreams with my class.  
It's a chance to individualize and begin our yearlong journey together.  This year, instead of filling out a boring worksheet, I decided to jazz it up!  We made Hopes and Dreams Banners!

The front of the banner has colorful symbols, representing all of their Hopes and Dreams.  The back, hidden to the public, contains their worries and hopes in writing.  My students are SO proud of their banner this year!

I went all out and made a package, inspired by the Responsive Classroom techniques!  It's available in my TPT store.  

There are FIVE different student forms (2 versions of each). These allow for use in classrooms, special area rooms, alternative settings, special education rooms, homeschooling, etc. You are not limited to just a grade level! They also allow for content differentiation--some students may want to write about specific goals, while others may prefer to draw about their goals. Everyone can access this and they finished products will coordinate well together!

Happy Beginning of the Year!