Classification using a Dichotomous Key

Teaching science brings me such joy.  I love the whole process... from uncertainty to joyful discovery!  Teaching students how to sort and organzine objects is an important science skill.

When you began to discover the process of classification--your students' faces will light up!  It's fun--and interesting and challenging!

Questions about Classifying Species in Science

You can start many of your science units by exploring or revisiting classification questions:

  • How are things alike?
  • How are objects different?
  • What words do you use to describe an item?
  • How can you group species together?
  • What makes these species unique?

Sorting and Recording Information in Science

Sorting Shells for Classification Skills

Sorting Images of Organisms for Classification


Recording Observations on a Large Flow Chart

Classification Practice and Classroom Assessments, Using a Dichotomous Key