Class Rules

Our entire fourth grade class has developed their classroom rules.  Each class independently brainstormed ideas.  Then they sorted them into four categories: safety rules, rules about how we treat each other, rules for how we take care of things, and rules for how we learn best.  Students then worked on merging those brainstormed ideas into a specific rule.  Each fourth grade class then met and shared their proposals.  Then, as an entire unit, we spent two morning meetings combining our ideas into the rules students felt were the best.  
So, in order to make our Hopes and Dreams come true in fourth grade we will... 
Work quietly, show integrity and listen to the speaker
Control your actions everywhere in the school.
Be respectful of people's belongings and with class tools in school.
Treat everyone the way you want to be treated by being open-minded, honest, and cooperative.
Enjoy yourself, have fun, and stay positive.